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Fish finders / Echo Sounders reviews for your baitboat


There is a whole array of accessories available for your baitboat, and the different manufacturers have different options available, and they are not compatible with all of the baitboats in their range.


A fish finder for your baitboat is a really neat piece of kit. There are two parts to a fish finer. The first being the device that attaches to your boat the echo sounder and the second is the graphical interface that you have on the bank. The fish finder will graphically show you the depth of the water, if there are any fish present, and any features such as bars or deep holes.


Angling Technics, Viper and Grandslam have fish finders available for some of their boats, and whilst they are an expensive piece of kit some anglers claim that they are worth their weight in gold as they have found features that even the bailiff didn’t know was there.


Another option is to use an after market system such as the Smartcast system, they are cheaper in price but not as good as manufacturers options.

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Viper SC1 fish finder

Angling Technics graphic sonar


The graphic sonar from Angling Technics incorporates an advanced digital signal processing unit which can help differentiate the bottom surface whether it be gravel, sand or weed, which is a really great feature. This new graphical sonar is fully compatible with existing Angling Technics echo sounder transponders.




Angling Technics graphic sonar

Viper SC-1 Fish Finder


New from Viper 2009 is the SC-1 fish finder. Suited to fit into the specially designed recess in the Viper Euro, or can be towed by any other baitboat. The screen is simular to that of a mobile phone only larger but keeping the unit highly portable.


The Viper SC-1 has the following features.